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App Development

We can provide your organisation with the expert skills needed to produce professional business iPhone, iPad or Android applications. Our developers are experienced in the production of business systems as well as mobile applications, ensuring that your application is professionally produced with a proper understanding of your business requirements.

Our in-house graphic design team work closely with our development team to ensure that our iPhone, iPad or Android interface is “on brand” and creates a seamless user experience.

We can really add value if you are looking for a database driven mobile app that needs to display data relative to a user’s geographic locations or information orientated apps which deliver updated content on a regular basis. With our track record and experience in software engineering we understand the issues around managing content, back-end integration, deployment across different networks and security. We can develop apps which access your existing maritime resources and interface with your existing legacy systems.

We are particularly experienced in integration with existing business systems using API or other services, allowing you to expose your existing data securely to your customers (or potential customers) on a mobile platform, or to allow your staff to work effectively from remote locations or different regions or countries.

Our approach to app development is flexible to best fit your needs, and we have experience of ‘lean’ developments, focusing on agile approaches to test ideas quickly.

With experience of the whole process of enterprise level mobile application creation, from requirements analysis and design to development and testing in accordance with industry standards, through to liaison with and approval by the Apple and Android App stores, PDMS have the skills and knowledge to provide you with a smooth, professionally run app development project.

To read more about application development, please read our article, “Enterprise Apps for the Maritime Sector“.