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Companies Registry Software

PDMS Registry & Regulatory Solutions has developed a Companies Registry platform that can manage your entire back office, improving productivity, facilitating legislative compliance and delivering high standards of service to clients.

The platform has been implemented with exceptional results within the Isle of Man Companies Registry. The turnaround time for company registrations has been reduced from two months prior to the launch of the new system, to an average of just eight working days. Meanwhile, providing the technology for online services – the online incorporation and registration of companies, as well as the ability to make payments online – has also greatly improved productivity and customer service.

Our technical expertise, plus this extensive experience working with the Isle of Man Companies Registry and numerous other regulatory organisations, places us in an unrivalled position to help you radically transform your organisation.

The key features of our Companies Registry platform are as follows:

Workflow management

Across Companies Registry there are hundreds of events where documents are filed or scanned, data is processed, certificates are generated and documents are made available to the public. By implementing a workflow based design users are presented with relevant information for the specific company event, making the data processing element of the job as efficient as possible.

Automatic publication of documents

Publication of the statutory documents and certificates is an automated part of the workflow so once scanned into the system, users do not have to think about filing, publishing or generating documents and certificates.

Automatic generation of certificates and correspondence

Document production has been incorporated into the workflow processes, automating output generation wherever possible resulting in a significant reduction in errors and processing time, therefore providing significant efficiency gains. Documents are generated on templates that can be specifically branded for your organisation, presenting a consistent and familiar appearance to external users.

Company information search

Company information and company documents are centralised into a single system.  Everything is in one place for all registers and all documents providing a single search point to search for information relating to a company and information across companies.

Company life cycle automation

Cycle management has been built into the system allowing you to quickly identify where in the lifecycle a particular company is in the and what the next available steps are.

The full Isle of Man Companies Registry case study can be read here.