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Document Management

DoxShare is a cloud-based document management solution. It allows organisations to securely manage and share critical information, providing one central document repository for both internal and external stakeholders no matter where they are located and without compromising your internal corporate network.

Using DoxShare delivers cost and efficiency savings, whilst improving the service delivered to clients. It ensures that only the most recently published versions of documents are accessed and its permission management allows complete control over who can see, change, delete or manage your documents. DoxShare is far more secure than e-mail, where sensitive documents can accidentally be sent to the wrong individual.

As a solution designed for business users, DoxShare delivers exceptionally high levels of security and privacy for your data over and above what mass market solutions can deliver. DoxShare uses our own servers within partner data centres that are located in Scotland and the Isle of Man, so we can always guarantee exactly where your data is. What’s more, unlike other providers we never take ownership of your data or pass it on to third parties. Our client’s data is also hosted in a zero-knowledge privacy environment, meaning that no one but you can see your information – not even us!

DoxShare is provided as an on-demand, pay-as-you-go, managed service and can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing intranets or websites. Because it is provided as a ‘cloud-based’ application, PDMS takes care of all the hosting and infrastructure for you, including all maintenance, backups, monitoring, resilience and business continuity.