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Financial Intelligence Software

PDMS’ sophisticated and secure THEMIS platform allows Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) to manage their anti-money laundering and countering of terrorist financing activities and demonstrate compliance with MONEYVAL, MOPI and GDPR.

A back-office system provides FIUs with functionality to record, manage, analyse and report on financial intelligence, while a separate online MLRO portal allows enrolled officers to submit suspicious transaction reports in relation to banking, gaming and cryptocurrencies. A list of the key features is provided below:

Financial Intelligence features:

  • Secure MLRO suspicious transaction reporting portal
  • Submission of attachments
  • Review and processing management for financial intelligence staff
  • Correspondence management between MLROs and financial intelligence staff
  • Intelligence and case management
  • Consent management
  • Distribution of guidance, legislation documentation and notices to MLRO’s
  • Management of suspicious activity reports, requests for assistance, letters of request and court orders

Record management:

  • Central record management for individuals and companies
  • Record priority management
  • Linked record management
  • Built in MOPI (Management of Police Information) reviews
  • Record approval management

General features:

  • Highly secure system
  • Fully maintainable content
  • Configurable workflow
  • Secure access and permission management
  • Task management
  • Comprehensive audit
  • Fully maintainable help-text
  • Sophisticated search tools


  • Operational reports
  • Management Information reports
  • Worldwide standard intelligence reports (e.g. FIN-Net and Austrac)
  • Report exports
  • Records download to i2 Analysts’ Notebook


  • MLRO access vetting by financial intelligence staff
  • Individual logins with encrypted passwords
  • Role based access
  • Management of password rules
  • Full traceability and audit
  • No sensitive information included in email notifications
  • Protected by SSL security certificate
  • Built in protection against URL manipulation and SQL injection GDPR compliance

PDMS has extensive track-record of implementing THEMIS solutions, with particular experience of working with smaller jurisdictions with high volumes of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs).

If you are a FIU looking to improve your capabilities or you would like some further information about THEMIS or PDMS’ other solutions, please get in touch.