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The complete solution for international ship registries

Already in use by five of the world’s leading International Ship Registries, MARIS has been designed to manage all the key business functions of a Ship Registry, providing a central database to help registries run more efficiently, reduce costs and provide a first class service to customers and stakeholders, whilst helping them meet international IMO, PSC, STCW, ILO and MLC requirements.

Reduce errors &
increase productivity

One of the key benefits of MARIS is a reduction in errors. Isle of Man Ship Registry Data illustrates the beneficial reduction in certificate errors in the four years following implementation of MARIS

Fully featured solution

  • Reporting

    Reporting can sometimes be a burden and require significant administration effort. However, producing comprehensive internal electronic reports including those for IMO audits and internal management purposes is swift and painless with MARIS.

  • Online Services

    MARIS allows seafarers or vessel managers to register for an account. Services available include company maintenance, seafarer maintenance and online applications and payments. These self-service features free up staff time by passing workload to the client.

  • Financials

    MARIS helps you to manage all of your financial transactions for registration, surveys and seafarer certification in one single system, providing significant productivity gains. We can also integrate with 3rd party financial packages and online payment solutions.

  • Workflow

    MARIS has built in workflow management to help registries work efficiently. Tasks allocated to users are displayed on their homepages, providing an instant visual summary of workload and upcoming tasks.

  • Document Management

    MARIS securely stores documents including generated certificates, uploaded evidence and reports. The documents are stored within the database for security but MARIS can also be configured to use alternative document storage systems.

  • Offline Management

    Surveyors can enter data into MARIS whilst carrying out a survey on a vessel, no matter where they are in the world. Data is then entered into the system when they return to their office or access an appropriate network.

All of the Registry’s key business data is now entered, stored and accessed through one central system, which has resulted in considerable time savings as staff no longer have to enter the same information into different computer systems or waste time trawling through filing cabinets or ring binders looking for further information on vessels.

Dick Welsh Isle of Man Ship Registry

Your technology partner

  • Data Migration

    We can migrate Vessel, Associate and Seafarers data from a Registry’s existing systems to MARIS. Our team of experienced developers has the capability to handle changes of format to data fields, data cleansing or structuring, and can provide advice.

  • Hosting

    PDMS can provide a complete managed service which includes support, maintenance and hosting. We have the experience, expertise, infrastructure, systems, security accreditations and partnerships to host large registry systems.

  • Support

    Our Support Team will be the first point of contact for training queries and change requests to the system following go-live. The friendly and MARIS experienced team ensures clients receive the service level needed and to help make sure that MARIS continues to meet your business needs.

  • Design

    Our creative and experienced team of designers provides professional, affordable web and graphic design to deliver user-friendly websites and interfaces which reflect your brand.

  • Consultancy

    PDMS understands technology and the business pressures of the maritime sector. A major strength lies in the diversity and experience of our consultancy team, combining considerable depth of technical knowledge with a high degree of business awareness.

  • App Development

    PDMS can develop iOS or Android applications for business use. Our developers are experienced in the production of responsive mobile applications, ensuring development with a comprehensive understanding of business requirements.