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Lost and Found Property Software System


Retrieva is a lost and found software platform with a series of configurable software components that allow it to effectively manage organisation’s personal property in a range of different sectors. An online solution – Retrieva can be easily integrated into any customer facing website.

Whether it’s criminal justice sector organisations needing to tag and secure seized property, public transport needing to return lost property to passengers, hospitals needing to management patient inventory, or the management of lost property at large events, Retrieva meets specific personal property management requirements of different organisations.

Retrieva’s core functionality includes:

  • The ability to capture information about lost, found, evidential or seized property
  • Automatic property matching and quick search functionality
  • Ability to create management reports
  • Unique property item logging which allows every piece of property to be, bagged, tagged and tracked with complete accuracy
  • Defined interfaces allow Retrieva to link to external applications to validate addresses or to allow other systems access to property information

Enhancing Customer Service

Implementing Retrieva delivers customer service improvements through improving the proportion of lost property returned to customers. Retrieva delivers peace of mind and an improved customer experience for customers who have the confidence that their essential possessions – whether a phone, wedding ring or teddy bear – will be found and returned to them if lost.

The customer service improvements are an important aspect of competitive advantage, with delivering positive customer experiences through restoring of lost property to customers engendering their loyalty and repeat custom, and with significant brand benefits.

Enhancing Operations

Traditionally lost property has been managed through manual, paper-based systems. This is an ineffective way for passengers to report property lost, and equally importantly it is time consuming for operational staff and there is limited ability to audit the process. This makes lost property an operational burden rather than something which adds real value.

Replacing existing systems with Retrieva deliveries tangible operational benefits; not only will it reduce the time and cost of lost property management and allow reports to be created on demand, but it will ultimately improve the proportion of lost property restored to your customers. Retrieva removes the ‘pain’ of lost property management.

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