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Software Development

Software development lies at the heart of our business. We specialise in developing web-based business systems, developed using our own successful Foundations platform. Foundations is a software development framework, toolkit and design methodology developed by PDMS to develop high-performance applications in Microsoft .NET. Foundations drives many of our successful regulatory systems and product platforms, including MARIS, DoxShare and THEMIS.

We have invested significantly in Foundations as we believe it adds genuine value – a real alternative to both off-the-shelf software where one size doesn’t really fit all, and bespoke systems built from scratch, which are often associated with higher risks and longer development times. By using Foundations as a basis for our projects, we can guarantee the delivery of reliable, secure, flexible and cost-effective software systems.

Every single business system we have developed for our clients has unique and domain-specific requirements, but they also have a lot of underlying common elements. Fundamental to most business systems is the need to capture and securely store data, and then to process, analyse, aggregate and report on that data.  Most business applications also need to include the ability to set up and maintain users, their authentication and their permissions to perform tasks within the system, the ability to audit user activity and for example, provide online context sensitive help.

These are all areas where Foundations can help – because it seamlessly handles the provision of these “basics”, our analysts and developers can focus their efforts on our customer’s specific business requirements. It also helps ensure the quality and reliability of our systems – our Foundations platform and components have been extensively tested over many projects.

To find out more about Foundations, please download our briefing paper.