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First MARIS User Group meeting takes place

Friday December 22nd 2017

PDMS held the inaugural user group forum for our MARIS clients in London last week. Those in attendance were representatives from the Maritime Cook Islands, Isle of Man Ship Registry and from the Bahamas Maritime Authority.

The purpose of the forum was to discuss relevant developments in the maritime industry  and shape the MARIS roadmap for 2018. We were also able to showcase some of the new features that have been made available for MARIS, including management dashboards and digital signatures.

We also took the opportunity to introduce our new online forum which all of our MARIS clients have access to. The forum will be used to discuss topical items relating to MARIS and broader maritime matters.

It was an eventful meeting and a great opportunity to catch up with our MARIS clients. We are looking forward to another one soon, early in the New Year.